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Cherishdoll Faith (20 cm tall kid BJDs)

Cherishdoll Faith dolls are 21 cm (8.3″) tall. They wear 5.5″ wigs and take 10 mm eyes.

Re-ment and other same sized miniatures (1:12) are a perfect match for these dolls! Playscale (1:6) furniture and miniatures are great if you want to give them a small-kid-appearance.

Pi and the boys doing homework CD Faith Chubby CD Faith Chubby CD Faith Chubby demon


The following recommendations are for the “new-boy” body, not the more slender “new slim-boy” body released fall 2010 (comparison pic).

  • Bratz Boyz outfits are perfect!
  • IXTEE t-shirts and raglan tops are perfect!
  • Blythe outfits seem to be perfect (not sure about stockings/pantyhoses)
  • Re-Ment fashion is perfect, though NOT jackets (too slim/short sleeved)
  • Some straight leg Barbie pants (they are a bit long), elastic mini skirts, and elastic tops
  • Ken tops are great if you’re going for the over-sized look
  • Only Hearts Club pants have perfect length, but non-elastic pants are too narrow in the waistline
  • Only Hearts Club tops are too slim/short sleeved
  • Sugar Mag is close to perfect, but non-elastic pants are too tight at the waistline

As for shoes, the “micro” sized canvas sneakers found on eBay for Blythe/Pullip are perfect, and they can also wear the slightly larger “mini” size just fine (especially combined with the flared Bratz Boyz pants).


Besides the wigs you can get from Cherishdoll, I can recommend having fur wigs custom made from Sunny’s Wonderful World on eBay, or mohair wigs from tinybear/Sleeping Elf, like the black wig my doll is wearing in some pics. Liv dolls’ wigs are an option though not quite perfect, the plastic wig cap is covering half of the ears and is visible in the neck area.