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Puki and Brownie tips (11 cm tinies)


The head circumference is 10cm/3.94″ (Puki) and 9.3cm/3.66″ (Brownie). They wear wigs sizes 3/4″ to 4″ – the same as Barbie, 1/6 Obitsu dolls/Dollfie Plus, and Lati White. Popular places to get wigs are:

Also see my general doll wig list.


Pukis and Brownies are 11 cm tall, and can wear outfits from the following playline dolls: Kelly/Shelly Club (Mattel), TY Li’l Ones (some items may be too tight/narrow), Only Hearts Club Li’l Kids, Bratz Kidz (MGA; hit or miss, tops and boys’ outfits are best), Bratz Babyz (again, tops are best), Evi (Simba; some items may be a bit on the large side), Barbie So In Style little sister (Mattel), Licca “Kindergarten friends” and Licca’s little sisters Miki & Maki (Takara).

TabloachProductions sells separate items from Kelly outfits, cheap and brand new (she customizes the dolls and have no need for the outfits).

Wonderful places to get homemade outfits are:


Shoes from Kelly/Shelly Club (Mattel) are good, I’ve yet to come across shoes from that line that won’t fit – the only problem would be getting the boots made of stiffer plastic off the feet once they’re on (flats and sneakers are perfect). Again, TabloachProductions (see above) is a great option for separates. Other sources:

Homemade shoes/boots:


Also see the DoA wiki entry for Pukis