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Class Mate outfits (21-23 cm obitsu)

Jun Planning’s Class Mate series died before it really took off, but they managed to release three dolls first. It’s a pain to find decent clothes for these 7.5″/8″ (official number is 23cm, but my measures are 19-20cm) dolls, though, and this post is aiming to document which clothes fit and which do not.. hopefully of use to others than me.

Most Barbie outfits are too big, but elastic tops are great! Class Mates have a fairly tall torso, so tops for same-sized dolls are usually a bit on the short side, while Barbie tops are perfect:

The shorts on the pic above are actually _pants_, from “Steffi Love” little sister “Evi”. More Evi clothes:

Hmm... Getting ready for bed Cute and sporty!

I was told that Madeline clothes would “fit like a glove”, I am not quite convinced.. The green boxed clothes are way too big (they fit Pullips), and the blue boxed clothes are not a great fit either.

Megan is the name of a character/figure who came with My Little Pony during the 80s. Her clothes fit, but they are quite colourful (typical of MLP) and childish – this link leads to an offsite directory of pictures.

Only Hearts Club is an awesome girls dolls series (beats Barbie by a long run – if I’d had girls, this would be the series I’d get them!). Their clothes fit Class Mate Marippe quite well, they are a tad long on the arms and legs. Below is a jersey outfit:

Hair in place and a new outfit

More Only Hearts Club outfits:

Windswept Only Hearts Club fashion outfit Fluffy boots

Western Riding Outfit Profile view Western Riding outfit without vest Pants waistline

As you can see above, there’s a change in hairstyle as well – I got both my Class Mates new wigs. Their size is 3-4, unfortunately I didn’t know how to measure that when mine were ordered and they’re a bit large. With Marippe’s that doesn’t matter much, since it’s a huge wig anyway, style wise, but Takeru looks silly in his.

Homemade jeans for Takeru, made using a pattern from Puchi Collective, which I shrinked to 80% and straightened the legs:

So, what do you reckon?