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Class Mate dolls

Body comparison, Obitsu vs Class Mate (by birdie's stuff)Class Mate dolls were a line of 19-21cm tall dolls from the Jun Planning/Ars Gratia Artis family. There were several prototypes made, but only three dolls were released. I’ve owned two, the boy Takeru and the girl Marippe, but they’ve both since been sold.

The Class Mate dolls have articulated bodies – the girl body seen to the left, compared to an obitsu (21cm obitsu left, Class Mate right). The hands and feet were of a softer plastic which with time yellows quite considerably. The boy body has a different articulation of the wrists, they are hinged with a pin through the joint, allowing one plane movement only (sideways “waving”). They are pretty sturdy, and can stand without support.

The eyes are painted inserts which can be swapped against 8mm acrylics or even glass eyes, but the head has been glued and needs to be sawed (!) open in order to get to the eyemech. The head mold of Class Mates has been mentioned as being the bases of the current J-Doll series.

Takeru was the first doll to arrive to my house in my history of being an adult collector. I bought him on a whim, after having looked at BJDs at the Dollmore website for a long time. He arrived in 2006, and nearly two years later I purchased Marippe. I started customizing both of them, by rewigging them, giving them new eyes, redoing the girl’s faceup, and putting them on small obitsu bodies (21cm). Both dolls have since been sold.

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