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My eighth and tenth BJDs are both Brownies, mold “Nene” (human ear Momo). Back when I got mine, they were produced by FelixDoll, which has since gone out of business. With the relaunch, the Brownies have undergone a drastic change looks wise, with a more sophisticated faceup and more elaborate accessories and packaging. is one of the most common places to get one nowadays.

One of mine was adopted from a fellow Pullip collector, and arrived August 5, 2009. The other was purchased new from AjumaPama USA, and took well over three months to find his way home – he arrived Aug 14, 2009. I’ve named them Trixie and Adam, and a fun fact is that Adam is shorter than Trixie even though they’re the same type (seems as both the thighs and the calves are a tad bit longer, which means much with dolls as tiny as this).

Brownies are 11 cm tall, take 8 mm eyes, and their wig size is 3-4″ (note that their heads are smaller than Pukis). Most facemolds come in two versions; with pointed fairy (brownie) ears, or with human ears. Both mine are normal skin (bisque), with human ears. Please see my resources page for Brownies here. Brownies have amazing poseability, right up there with the Fairyland Puki. There are several sets of optional hands available, attached with a snap-on mechanism rather than stringing or magnets.

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