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Cherishdoll Faith line

I had a Chubby, my very first BJD, and (sold March 2010) a Chubby Demon (sold Jan 2011), both WS.

.. and this is the living room ib1 Pi and the boys doing homework

Cherishdoll Faith dolls are 21 cm (8.3″) tall. They wear 5.5″ wigs and take 10 mm eyes. The heads have “standard” head caps fastened with two magnets, and an S-hook inside to fix the head to the body. There are three bodies available, type A (new and old) and type B – the newer A body has double jointed elbows, a “four step” upper thigh joint where you can rotate the upper thigh and then lock it in four different positions, and a torso joint. The hands are originally fastened with nylon thread, but s-hooks can be used for easy swapping and better posing (note: this will cause a risk of wearing out the resin where the hook is snapped around the hand part).

Re-ment and other same sized miniatures (1:12) are a perfect match for these dolls! Playscale furniture and miniatures are great if you want to give them a small-kid-appearance.

See my resource page for these and similar dolls here.