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Domuya D-1 30 Potpourri

From The dolls found in category “The O.N.E – 30″ are the Standard Edition dolls made by Domuya Ltd. Standard Editions Dolls are available for purchase until Domuya phase them out. The dolls are 30cm tall, thus explaining its given name. Featuring a New, Revolutional, and Artistically crafted body, we dare to challenge any BJD on the market in terms of Posability and Craftmanship. There isn’t much pose that O.N.E. can not achieved. The pictures will speak for itself.

Potpourri is the second model in the Domuya D-ONE 30 family, the first one being Bobo, a boy doll. My girl has a custom faceup by artist Freejj. She is 27.5 cm tall, wears a 6/7″ wig, and takes 12-14 mm eyes. Most Yo-SD sized outfits are a perfect fit, she can also wear some 1:6 playline dolls’ outfits (if elastic), and Ken pants, rolled up in the legs. She was sold to another Norwegian collector in January 2011.

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my Domuya Potpourri photoset