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U-noa Light (Unola)

Unoa Light are Unoa tiny dolls. The first generation was made in resin like the Quluts dolls, and the dolls were quite the task to assemble. The latter versions are made by Momoko manufacturer Sekiguchi, and are vinyl fashion dolls with rooted hair, that are released in limited amounts – each release with a separate theme for their outfits (like Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf). I have two resin dolls, one boy and one girl. They both came to me pre-assembled, and the boy had his faceup painted by Gentaro Araki himself – with a signed box to prove it.

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my U-noa Light photoset

There’s only one faceplate available for each. Both girl and boy dolls have kitty-ear parts, two sets of hand, and two sets of feet (small and large). The larger boy feet are tabi-toed, which means they will be able to wear traditional Japanese sandals. Some have pink inner joint parts/”nuggets”; they’re like that because Araki wanted to prevent wear of the body blush from the constant movement of the joints.

Their eyemech is – like with U-noa Quluts – a patent particular for these dolls only. They require 6mm, flat, rectangular/”boat shaped”, eyes. This style is referred to as funagata eyes. They can use Volks’ NeoGuy eyes, I also recommend DreamingTreeStudio – even though these are round and not boat shaped, the 6 mm size fills the eye opening close to perfect and their complete flatness makes them fit well. There’s a lever in the back of the head which moves the eyes sideways; you can also achieve this effect by simply turning the head from side to side. They wear wigs size 4″. Outfits made for Momoko dolls are good, though some pants may be slightly tight. Outfits from the playline doll series “Liv” by Spin Master are a perfect fit, and quite realistic looking at that. U-noa lights are rather slender, so most other 1:6 playline/fashion dolls outfits will be too large/wide.

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The first non-xylene resin cast version of U-noa Quluts Light Azurite/Fluorite was released in December 2004. Names/synonyms: U-nola, Unola, lights.

Height/scale: 25.5cm, 1/6
Head measurements: 3/4″ / 10 cm
Eyes: specially casted
Bust: 3.9″ / 10cm
Waist: 3.1″ / 8cm
Hip: 4.3″ / 11cm
Shoulders: 1.27″ / 3.5cm
Sleeve length: 2.7″ / 7cm
Leg length: 5.5″ / 14cm
Foot size: 0.8″ / 2.25cm (small pair)
(source: U-noa fan forum)