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U-noa Quluts 1.5

The U-Noa Quluts 1 and 1.5 by Alchemic Labo are 43cm/16″ tall (slim MSD) ball-jointed Japanese dolls, designed by Gentaro Araki. They usually come unpainted and unassembled in kits, but you can get them assembled and painted by Gentaro Araki off of Yahoo!Japan on occasion. There are two girls; Lusis has parted lips and there’s an extra piece to put in for her teeth. She also has kind of droopy eyes. The other girl, Sist, has a more serious look and closed lips.

In 2005 Gentaro released two versions of the Unoa Boy, the L-bi and the B-el. They mimic the girl dolls Lusis and Sist respectively (one has a slightly open mouth while the other has a closed mouth). The face plates from the original Unoas do fit on the boys, as do the hands. As of 2006, there hasn’t been a second promised release from Gentaro. Limited dolls have been purchased through Yahoo!Japan as well as secondary markets.
(source: UNOA FAQ)

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I have Sist and L-Bi, both purchased pre-loved. I also had a Lusis, purchased new as a fullset, but since sold her.

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