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My Namus

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Photoshop = fun (by birdie's stuff)My first Namu, Trunk, was adopted nude and bald from my friend Titinan, and arrived Oct 7, 2008. His original scalp had been replaced with bald scalp, and after having tried a number of wigs I ended up giving him a two toned wig made by lovehaze. I spray matted his face with Mr Super Clear, a hobby sealant, as a common “flaw” with Namus are their shiny appearance (difficult to photograph, and not very attractive).

Namu Vispo (by birdie's stuff)Namu Vispo was adopted nude and re-wigged, arriving Feb 21, 2009. His originally rooted scalp had been replaced with a bald scalp by his previous owner, and I gave him a brown fur wig from Sunny’s Wonderful World of Wigs. Like Trunk, Vispo too had his face spray matted with MSC.

Both Namus traveled on to Italy in July, 2010.