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My Type 2 Pullips

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Starting in January 2004 with the release of Venus, Pullip had a new body which had no visible screws, a soft torso, and joints that could be pulled apart. This body had more realistic proportions, and is to date the most poseable body. Disadvantages of this body include the limbs can fall off or pull apart too easily, the soft torso ‘pops’ out of the hip joint, and that the plastic of the body had a tendency to melt under certain environmental conditions, mostly high heat and humidity. This generation has a blank, not rooted, scalp with a wig glued on – the wig can be removed by tugging firmly (it’s only the rim that’s glued down).

Thoughtful (by birdie's stuff)Lisa – a Nomado – was my first Pullip and the doll that got this whole craze started, she arrived new from PullipStyle Aug 1, 2008. Her name is after fictional character Lisa Kimmel Fisher (Lili Taylor) of Six Feet Under. Other than redressing her, I have kept her like she was when she arrived – I am however considering giving her shiny face a coat of Mr Super Clear, a hobby sealant which leaves a matte finish. I did this to another Nomado that I owned for a while, and the result was brilliant.

Untitled (by birdie's stuff)My tenth Pullip, and third “grail”, was Oren – a limited Pullip which I adopted MIB (= as new, with her box). She arrived Oct 7, 2008, and was given the name Stella because of her starry eyes. Although loving her pink and reasonably soft hair, I found myself having problems “bonding” with the stock version of Oren. Being that she’s a limited, I decided I’d rather sell her than customizing her, and she’s now moved on to a new owner.

Set icon (by birdie's stuff)My second Nomado, was adopted as a bait (= needs serious work done) head with her eyemech more or less broken and without her rooted scalp. The head arrived Oct 24, 2008. I did clean her up and replaced her eyemech completely with acrylics, however I let her go to a new owner a year later.

I want some piercings too! (by birdie's stuff)My sixteenth Pullip, and my third Nomado, was adopted nude with her type2 body replaced with a 27cm SB obitsu and her braids loosened and hair cut. She arrived Nov 5, 2008. I did some more work on her – I cut her hair even more, straightened the curls from her braids, and spray matted her face with MSC. In January 2010, she moved on to a new owner.

Windy day (by birdie's stuff)My seventeenth Pullip was a gorgeous custom Nero – Oren’s counterpart – w/ her original outfit, wig, and box included. She is adopted from a French collector and arrived Nov 19, 2008. Her name, Luna, was given by her previous owner. Her faceup is done by Aïla.