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My Type 4 Pullips

8 random photos, click to see full size pictures at

The January 2009 release of Neo Noir, introduced the fourth and current generation of the Pullip body. This body is slimmer than the type 3, slightly more poseable, and some releases have interchangeable hands.

AlvaPullip Neo Noir was adopted nude and re-wigged, and arrived July 29, 2010. She never got to experience much of the dolly life here at my place, I had a change of mind in regards to my collecting habits and in November 2010 she went to a new owner in Spain.

Showing off perfect browsPullip Bonita arrived Sep 7, 2010. She’s a limited release (1500 pieces), and is part of a set with a book containing pics and information about all Pullips to date. I got mine from Virus’d, she’s one of only 7 8 9 Pullips/Dals/Taes altogether that I’ve purchased or been gifted new/NRFB.

Perfect faceupPullip Ddalgi arrived Nov 4, 2010. She was adopted brand new, NRFB, from a collector who changed her mind upon the doll’s arrival. A puzzle to me, as I regard this to be one of the absolute prettiest Pullips in a long while. But then, my taste in Pullips is a preference for the “simpler” faceup styles. A fun observation upon seeing this page is that all of my type 4 Pullips have long dark hair with a fringe. Peculiar!