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Taeyang was introduced in 2006 as the second male counterpart of the popular Pullip doll. Like his predecessor Namu, he is about 34 cm in height, has an articulated body, and an eye mechanism that allows side to side eye movement as well as individual blinking. Starting with HasH, Taeyang eyes can remain shut when blinking, using a lever on the back of the head. He can be customized, and can exchange clothes with many 1:6 action figures dolls and modern Ken doll. Taeyang is released on a bi-monthly basis.

Some of the Taeyang dolls are styled after, or bear close resemblance to, popular characters and celebrities. The Edward Scissorhands Taeyang is licensed from Tim Burton’s character. HasH was inspired by Japanese musician, Hide. Shade bears close resemblance to Sherlock Holmes. Another King was inspired by King of Hearts from the Alice in Wonderland story. A recent Disney collab spawned a Captain Hook Taeyang, and there are also several animanga collab dolls – like two versions of Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, Rayne from Neo Angelique – plus, of course, MJ who is obviously inspired by Nana’s Ren (and not Michael Jackson, like some idiotic eBay seller was trying to make it, shortly after Jackson died).


Family profile:
Father – British music shopper with high-priced violins.
Mother – Korean and a famous architect.
Younger 13-year old sister (Dal) is crazy about playing tennis.

Hobbies: Making films
Favorite type of girl: Jean Seberg
Personality: At a glance he looks a cool-headed man but he has a passion in his heart.
Occupation: Student at a music university. Studying composition.
Address: Milan, Italy
Age: 20 (Born in October, Libra)
Blood Type: O type
Born in: Korea (brought up in London)

For a list of releases, see Wikipedia

(source: Wikipedia)