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My Taeyangs

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Getting to know him better (by birdie's stuff)My first Taeyang, originally a Cavalie, was adopted from Sparky via angelberries, and arrived Sep 19, 2008. He was slightly customized – meant to look like Draco Malfoy – but I am not a huge Harry Potter fan and instead named him after the fictional character Aki Mikage of “Ayashi No Ceres”. I have since rewigged him with a black fur wig, and given him a temporary tattoo (decal) on his chest. His ankle is broken, a common flaw with Taeyangs.

My second Tae, a Butler I named Theo, was adopted nearly MIB through eBay, arriving Dec 01, 2008. One of his ankles was broken, but I replaced it with a leg from another Butler I purchased later (see below). Theo now lives in Portugal.

My name is Luka.. (by birdie's stuff)My third Taeyang was the first to be purchased brand new, he is an Arion which arrived from PullipStyle on Jan 22, 2009. I just love the h.Naoto fashion collabs that Jun Planning did, and had to get his stock outfit, which is why I got him new. He is named after Suzanne Vega’s song “Lukah”, and his name means “bringer of light”. He is my warrior against parental spanking and domestic violence. I’ve re-wigged him with a fur wig in the same colours as his stock wig, otherwise he’s unchanged.

Another Butler that I named Alfie was adopted nude & bald from Sweden in March 2009. Btw: both Butlers were named after Batman’s butler; Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth – ten points for anyone who caught the reference. ;) Alfie traveled on to live in Trondheim during the fall of 2009.

Untitled (by birdie's stuff)My fifth Taeyang – HasH – was adopted MIB (= as god as new) and arrived Aug 14, 2009. He arrived decapitated (!), caused by a crack in his neck. I have since fixed this. Like Cavalie above, this one too suffers from the broken ankle syndrome. HasH traveled to Brazil, Nov 2010.

Mmmm..! (by birdie's stuff)Taeyang Horizion was purchased pre-loved through eBay, and arrived on Sep 16, 2009. Horizon is one of several h.NAOTO collab dolls, with a super nifty and detailed stock outfit. His previous owner had rewigged him with a Taeyang Filato wig which she’d given a brilliant cut. Horizon has since been sold, and now lives in the UK.